“To Empower People To Resonate The World With an Ethereal Sounding Instrument”

With a vision in mind, we started to gather a team to research/design/train the right craftsmen to make these beautiful instrument.

The materials used for Midori have been carefully selected, to produce clear balanced tones. After many trial and errors and exploring with different materials, we chose Stainless Steel for Midori.

We have determined that this material will offer our customers a better experience in:
–   Quality of Sound
            –   Maintenance                   
             –   Ease of Producing a Note

We form the shape of the shell using specially designed drawing tools. Afterward using a specific mold, we shape the dimple (center note), the tone fields and make the Gu (Bottom hole).
Once we have created the shape of Midori we tune it by hand and heated several times for the best sound quality.
Doing so we are able to influence the vibration behavior of the steel, resulting in the beautiful sound.

We carefully pack Midori in a specially designed package and ship by Japan Post for fast and safe delivery.

We want Midori to be in the hands of those who were in search of their instrument. We want to create an instrument that would be more accessible, and affordable for everyone to have an opportunity to get this beautiful instrument.

Our Process