Music reaches us emotionally but upon listening to a handpan many describe it as spiritual or mystical sound.

The use of the harmonic notes from the handpan can induce a psychological state in both the musicians and the listeners.
It is hard to describe by words, it shows a side of us we may have long forgotten or never knew existed. 

We call it “The Art of Handpan”


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Customer’s Feedback

Countless of people have been affected by the sound of our instruments!

Simply Majestic Sound!!! I Listen to This When I Need to Zone Down…

Massive respect to Team Midori, and his team who delivered a beautiful product that arrived from Japan with no damage due to the superb packaging. Now that is Awesome project management and customer care! Thank you Andrew.

Exceeded my expectations, Midori Team deserve acknowledgment. I love the quality of the sound, and the instrument. Many many Thanks

D minor

D3 (A3, Bb3 C4, D4, E4, G4, A4) 

Mysterious, Meditative, and Versatile
In General D Minor Is The Most Popular Scale, it is a Versatile Scale and Can Easily Be Played With Other Instruments

Sabye D

D (G, A, B, C#, D, E, F#, A) 

Playful, Uplifting, and Positive!
Cheerful Scale

Midori Spec

Material- Stainless Steel
Diameter- 55cm / 21.65″
Height – 35cm / 13.78″
Weight – 4kg/8.8lbs
Tuned to – 440Hz