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9 Notes Handpan



9 Notes Handpan



16 Notes Handpan


Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping is included.

For Domestic shipment in Japan we will ship by YAMATO TRANSPORT CO Ltd.

For Worldwide shipments we will use EMS, and is handled by JAPAN POST HOLDINGS CO Ltd.

We do have some handpan in stock, and we can ship right away. In normal time it takes about 10 business days to receive, but due to the current situation it might take longer.

If we are out of stock, we will send you an email, and ask for a month + shipping.

This offer is only for Dminor/SabyeD/E-Kurd 16notes, tuned to 440hz which most of the handpan are tuned to.

If you would like a different scale or 432hz please contact us for more detail at

We have never received any complaints of damaged handpan, but if it does happen we will exchange it for a new handpan, and we will cover shipping.

In short Yes we can, But it depends on how big the damage is. Please contact us with the details and a clear picture of the damaged handpan.

The Midori Handpan is:
Diameter-55cm / 21.65″
Height-35cm / 13.78″
Weight-4.0kg  / 8.8lbs.

No, we do not offer any installments plan at this moment.

Depending on the use of the instrument, it may slowly (a few years) begin to drift out of tuning. This is normal and we are able to fix that. Please contact us if so.

Each country has its own tax regulation, we advise that you check yours. Customers are responsible for payment of local taxes, customs & fees if any.